EDT, EDP, EDC? The Various Types Cologne And Perfume

Not all cologne and perfume is made equally. In fact there are four different concentrations of perfume, each one being very different from the other.

In this article I am going to discuss the four different variations of cologne as well as what each concentration may be used for.

Did you know that most cologne's and perfumes are comprised mainly of alcohol? In fact, most of the fragrances that you see in any shop will only be comprised of 4-10% of actual scented compounds. Of course this varies depending on the perfume that you look at. The rest of the 86-90% of the bottle is made up of alcohol and water.

Some fragrances actually have a lower concentration of scented compounds, and some have more. This is where the commonly used EDP, EDT, and EDC come into play. Let's take a look at what these mean.

Perfume ? Also known as Perfume extract, 'Perfume' is the most concentrated and smoothest of the four types. Typically made up of a 20-40% concentration of scented compounds, perfume is definitely the most expensive to buy.

Eau de Parfum ? EDP is typically made up of an 8-16% concentration of scented compounds. EDP is probably the most common type of concentration you will see at the store. An EDP scent will usually fade after four hours, but the base notes can linger for a 24 hour period. Fragrances with an EDP concentration are perfect if you need an all day scent

Eau de Toilette ? EDT is another very common concentration found in many fragrances. EDT is typically made up of a 4-8% concentration of scented compounds. Some people find that some EDT perfumes last a long while, but generally these are better left for night time use where the scent isn't needed for as long.

Eau de Cologne ? EDC isn't commonly found in any fragrances anymore. It doesn't last that long, and is typically only made with a 2-4% concentration of scented compounds.

Now you will know what all those fancy French names are on the side of your favorite mens cologne bottle. Whether you need a longer duration scent for work, or something a little shorter for the clubs, you are now one step ahead of the crowd!

Cody Kahl is creator and writer of Mens Cologne Guide ? A site dedicated to providing only the best armani cologne information.

Cody believes in quality, and this free resource proves it.

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