How A Boat Can Make Retirement A Pleasure

Boats are a fine part of any man's retirement. They give us something to do, offer us new places to see and keep us active mind, body and spirit. We in turn need to care for our boats. Repair and maintenance, proper crewing and proper financing including boat insurance are all things that we need to do to keep our boats safe.

Everyone needs something to do. When we retire far too many of us lose our will to keep striving. All of us, need to feel needed, we need to feel like we are doing something worthwhile. For women, this is often simply the continuation of home life and domestic tranquility that made up most of their lives.

Men on the other hand live their lives with a goal. We work for fifty or more years striving to bring home the bacon. Having a goal in front of us is necessary for our psyche. Many men simply die after retiring because they have nothing to do.

Having a boat gives a man something to do. Keeping it in good repair, learning the skills needed to keep it sailing smoothly and keeping track of the finances including things like boat insurance keeps them sharp.

A boat can take you places you have never been before and no two sunrises are the same at sea. You will travel to new places and meet new people, something that will keep anyone young at heart.

Nearly everywhere even inland states have places for someone to enjoy boating. Even if you are on a small lake you will get a different perspective. If you are on the ocean you will find another whole life. The best parts of life still need financial maintenance like mooring fees, licensing and boat insurance.

When we are active we are happier. A man with something to do, a purpose to life is a man who will live longer. Some men can do little things, reading, golfing, fishing from the dock or making a model. These things are all fine activities; I enjoy them myself.

Some need more to do. A boat is a good step down for some. It does not require too much of your time but just enough. Little things like checking on the lanyards or the boat insurance can keep you young and happy in spirit.

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