Short Cruises - The Perfect Match For First Time Cruisers

Would you like to try a cruise, but aren't sure if you'd really like it? Some people are intimidated about making a seven-day commitment to a cruise vacation. What if they experience motion sickness? What if they feel claustrophobic? For some people, these are very real concerns. If you experience any of these apprehensions, perhaps a short cruise of three, four or five nights might be the best way to determine if cruising is for you.

Virtually every aspect of the cruise experience will be the same on a short cruise as it would be on a longer cruise - it just ends a bit sooner. Passengers can experience the amazing cuisine (always a big hit with cruisers), the onboard entertainment, the luxurious surroundings of the ship itself, and stops at several exciting ports of call.

Many of the major cruise lines now offer short cruises. They are a great fit for the couple or family who want a quick getaway vacation, as well as for groups who like to travel together. Short cruises are also a perfect match for family reunions. There's not a huge time commitment, yet there are plenty of varying activities for everyone in the group.

Short cruises usually carry a lower price tag than a traditional seven-day cruise. So, in addition to committing less time to the trip, you're also committing less money as well. It's the perfect way to sample the cruising life to see if it's right for you!

Tracey Amino is the CEO of Sapphire Cruises, the original home party plan for cruising. Sapphire Cruises specializes in family reunions, girlfriend getaways, friendship groups, clubs, and association cruise groups. Be sure to visit her site at: Sapphire Cruises.

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