Look How Easy It Is To Write Your Own eBook

What happens when you stumble across a promising market, idea or topic for an ebook, but don't know how to quickly find out what content you should package to sell?

Let's look at a real life example.

One of the top selling ebooks under the competitive category of Home and Family within Clickbank's marketplace is this book - http://www.tropicalfishsecrets.com

A quick check on Overture shows the demand for topics regarding tropical fish is quite large --

"Tropical Fish" 160,455

with many other related searches well over 10,000 looking for various information on tropical fish and aquariums.

If you haven't already gone over to take a look, visit the sales page over at: http://hop.clickbank.net/?ideaguide/seanlemay

Look closely at the bullets half-way down the page, you will see the very questions any "beginner" fish owner would have - questions like:

- saltwater versus freshwater aquarium

- how to keep the quality of water good, and your fish healthy

- how NOT to kill your fish

- how to know how much to feed your fish

- how to place and light your aquarium

and so on...

Now, even if you were brand new to aquariums and fish, then you could likely have come up with at least half the questions he has answered in his book.

The rest, with a few hours research on discussion forums, magazines, talking with fish owners - you could find the rest.

What you want is to target the 80-90% of the market that are beginners - that you can easily find answers to their pressing questions.

You will find hundreds of thousands of similar market opportunities out there - where you can assemble a list of questions to be answered and simply write a few pages each day to create your own compelling ebooks.

There is no guarantee - but with a well researched idea and a half-decent product, you should easily be able to turn each ebook into at least $20,000/yr in income - much more in certain cases.

To learn more about 5 masters who turn their ideas into profits over and over again - visit http://www.creating-infoproducts.com

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