Swimming Pools ? Lets Get Wet

"Beverly Hills. Swimming pools. Movie stars."

That line from the theme song of the 70's sitcom "The Beverly Hillbillies" shows us how far we have come in relation to swimming pools. Swimming pools were a real status symbol back then. Now nearly everyone has access to at least one, if not in their own backyard, at least at the local YMCA or gym.

We take swimming pools for granted. If you are reading this article on the internet, you probably have a lifestyle that would admit you to not just one, but any of several swimming pools almost any time you'd like. Either your apartment complex has one or your friend does or you go to the local city pool. What a luxury!

It wasn't so long ago when running water alone was a luxury for only the very rich. Now we build concrete lined holes in the ground and swim around in it!

Did you ever read "Stranger in a Strange Land?" or "Dune?" In Heinlein's classic science fiction novel, "Stranger in a Strange Land," the Martian, Mike, is just blown away by the fact that people swim in water. He loves it. Frank Herbert's "Dune" is the story of a desert planet so dry that even perspiration is recycled through a suit that everyone must wear. To collect water in a pool is an unthinkable decadence.

But in our swimming pools, be they backyard or public, we filter the water, we chlorinate it to prevent algae and we clean the pool weekly or more to keep it clear and sparkling. That's a far cry from the country watering hole or stream where you didn't know what you'd find swimming next to you. Yes, those old-fashioned swimming holes have their charm, but I'll take my sparkly clean water any day, thank you!

About this author -- Rhonda Mettaroy works for a home improvement business that consults clients about all aspects of improving homes, lawns and gardens. You can read more articles about pools at Aquatic Pools, Inc.

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