The Versatile Reciprocating Saw: The Power Tool of Your Dreams

A reciprocating saw is simply one of the handiest tools you can own. These tools are great for applications in the home or the jobsite. Milwaukee actually invented the first reciprocating saw and is still considered one of the best saws on the market. The Milwaukee Sawzall is the "Zerox" of reciprocating saws. Just go to your local hardware store and ask for a Sawzall, the salesman will know exactly what you need. These versatile tools are fabulous for cutting holes in drywall, plaster, metal pipes and through nails.

However, they are not a precision cutting instrument. If you need to cut a piece of molding to fit into a weird place, a jig saw will be better. A great application is demolition for home remodeling. One project I used my reciprocation saw on was removing old siding from my garage. The "recip" was invaluable. I would punch a hole in the wall near the roof, insert the blade and rip down to floor. Nails were no problem, the "sawzall" went through them like butter. The old siding just came right off.

Another really great feature of these tools is the ability to quickly switch out the blades. This allows the user to pick the right blade for the right application. You can purchase a demolition blade that is great for rough cutting wood and nails or you can get a blade with fine teeth for cutting metal pipe. You can also get different lengths and sizes. The quick release on the blade is the reason these tools are so versatile. The applications are endless, from landscaping to demolition. If you are considering adding a powertool or giving one as a gift, you can't go wrong with a good reciprocating saw.

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