Rheumatoid Arthritis : the time bomb

The beginning is very much hard to spot as we migh just wake up in the morning and feel that the fingers on our hand do not function as they should. A little of bit of movement and everything is fine. However, this morning exercise keeps prolonging as we get to a point where the exercise lasts for the whole day and the joints begin to ache. The walk is not a pleasure anymore and we are not able to hold a cup of coffee without shaking it out.

So this is how it ends. Rheumatoid arthritis is practically unhealable and the condition is very fast the younger the age. Arthritis is usually associated with older people, however, rheumatoid arthritis endangers especially middle aged individuals and it is not usual to see younger aged pacients.

The cause of this disease is yet not specifically know. Arthritis, the infectous inflammation of joints, is a matter of reaction of the organism to internal infection. To illustrate it a bit more, the immunity system goes nuts and attacts its own organism. In case of reumatic arthtritis, the subject of the attack are the joints, especially smaller ones. The disease is healable only if uncovered early.

Rheumatoid arthritis is a disease which is very slow in its progress, undistinguished. Maybe the fact that the start of the disease is so slow and hard to spot compared to other malfunctions, makes it so dangerous. By the time you notice, it is usually already well estabilished and practically unhealable.

Reumatoid arthtritis is the worst case of arthritis there is as the consequences are the hardest to take. It can cause very serious damages to joints and other organs and can lead to invalidity.

There is ten types of arthritis of which the mentioned is the most severe. It attacks woman three times more than man and healing requires attention of many specialists such as rheumatologists, rehabilitation expers, balneologists as well as internists and clinical psychologists.

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Written by Martin McDonald, MedSiteRx Health Directory

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