Signs of an Addiction

Addictions come in many forms. It's important to recognize the signs of addictions in order to seek out help before the problem becomes to large.

Some different types of Addictions are: Caffeine addiction, nicotine addiction, drug addiction, Alcohol addictions, and gambling addictions.

Like mentioned above it's very important to recognize the symptoms of addictions in order to be able to recognize and treat an addiction before it becomes to serious. There are several different symptoms, some vary on type of addiction, and others are age and gender specific. Here is a look at some of the most common symptoms:

  • Uncontrolled Craving and Desires ? This symptom can be general to all types of addictions. For example: food/drink cravings, gambling cravings
  • Fatigue ? Often times addictions will result in both physical and mental fatigue, as your body will often be working over time, and not resting properly.
  • Obsessive thoughts ? Can you not get a thought out of your mind, is it starting to take over and effect the way you think?
  • Change in Behavior ? Do you suspect that your behavior has changed? Are you more moody, or easily frightened?
  • Hyperactivity ? Do you seem to be excessively active, but not getting a lot done? Do you fidget more then usual? Do you have problem sitting still for any length of time?

    These are just a few of several signs that can indicate the development or indication of an already existing addiction. If you are experiencing any of these signs, and it is unusual for you, I would recommend seeking out further existence either by a medical or mental professional.

    Be smart with your health and body. Your only given one chance with it!


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    Ryan Fyfe is the owner and operator of Addiction Area. Which is a great web directory and information center for Addiction and related topics like Rehabilitation.

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