Technology Over Drugs for Stress Related Tension Disorders

As much as 95% of the population suffers from some form of reoccurring stress and tension related headaches.

Although not normally debilitating these headaches affect work productivity and add to the billion dollar cost of sick days and time off. Surprisingly one of the causes of this type of ailment is the overuse of the very medication taken to alleviate the pain (called rebound headaches).

An obvious solution to tension headaches and stress related muscle pain is massage therapy, a now rapidly growing health trend with schools sprouting up all across the country. Unfortunately not everyone has access to or can afford a massage therapist on a regular basis, or even when one is needed.

And so enters today's high tech solution of the massage recliner. No longer the massage chairs of the past, gently vibrating you to sleep, the new age massage recliner can contain up to 12 motors and pack enough punch (literally) to work out the deepest of muscle knots, tension and stress.

The newest version of this technology comes from Premier Health Products and is called the PHP 2026 Silent Shiatsu Massage Recliner.

With a 30" rolling back stroke this model can massage from the base of your scull to the tip of your tailbone, even for a person of tall stature.

With the ability to provide a deep tissue style tension relieving massage at anytime, users may feel pain medications, even mild ones, no longer necessary for treating stress related ailments such as reoccurring tension headaches.

Additional benefits of massage recliners, like the PHP 2026 and PHP 2022, its inversion therapy cousin, can help with; digestion, insomnia, circulation, fatigue, muscle cramping due to exertion, and Fibromyalgia.

H.E.Scott is an entrepreneur, artist, business owner, and freelance writer for several online publications. This article may be published and or reproduced without change in its entirety with the authors' permission.

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Technology Over Drugs for Stress Related Tension Disorders

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