What is Going On With Pharmacies in Canada

There is a large amount of talk lately in regard to Canadian pharmacies, and why not? pharmacies in Canada provide the same identical perscription drugs you would find at the local pharmacy, deliver to your front door, and most importantly, save you some cash. But not all pharmacies are the same. This article has been composed to help you to identify what you ought to look around for when doing business with Canadian pharmacies online.

As mentioned above, you will find the same prescription medications at Online pharmacies in Canada as you would see at the corner pharmacy, with the big difference being how much it costs. For name brand medicines, pharmacies in Canada charge in the vicinity of 40-70% less than what someone would spend for identical prescription in the US. While at this time, the US considers the order of prescription medications from Canada to be illegal, they allow it to happen, saving U.S.A. citizens millions of dollars each year.

Sounds like a outstanding deal, so where does one get started?

The first thing you need to do is find a reliable pharmacy in Canada. For every legitimate online pharmacy, there are 4 others which aren't. That means that as high as 80 percent of internet sites which offer Canada drug sales are registered in another country altogether! With odds like that, how will you ensure that you are receiving reliable and safe medications from pharmacies in Canada?

Some good news is that these counterfeit web sites are almost impossible to locate when you search that advertises Canadian pharmacies. The sneaky methods they use to get their customers are through Pop-up messages or SPAM. That means that if you click on an unsolicited e-mail or a pop-up message for a good deal on Canada drugs, there is a good chance that it will guide you to a real looking site, but one that is set up to take advantage of you, or provide sub-standard medicines. Remember this advice, if it seems too good to be true, it typically is. Hence, the first rule for you to abide by is to never find Canadian pharmacies by using an unsolicited e-mail (SPAM), or a pop-up message.

Another thing to look for on the website would be an actual physical address in Canada. This should be prominently displayed somewhere on the web page. If you cannot find it, you may have to look under the contact us information. If it still doesn't exist, consider that cause for alarm, and move on to another site.

Every honest pharmacy in Canada will have on its website a toll-free on-linenumber for you to contact them. Again, this may be found on the home page, or you may have to look for their contact information elsewhere on the internet site. In any event, if they don't supply a way for you to reach them directly, consider shopping for another web site to order from.

If you are even more particular, there are three important items you ought to locate. Look for a seal from both CIPA (Canadian International Pharmacy Association), and IMPAC (Internet and Mail Order Pharmacy Accreditation Commission). Lastly, a seal from Pharmacy Checker will provide added protection.

When it comes time for you to place your order, for your own protection, ensure that they ask for your medical history as well as a valid prescription from your doctor. You will want to consider it a red flag if they do not ask for this data. When you gamble with a pharmacy who is more interested in making a buck than in you, you are playing with fire. Play it smart and don't do it.

Remember, Canadian pharmacies have quite a few advantages to consider. Just don't forget to refrain from SPAM and pop-up messages, be careful to ensure that the internet site is valid, and make sure that they require your prescription and medical history. If you follow these helpful pointers, you should feel quite secure in buying your prescriptions on-line.

Chris Sorgee is a writer and retired pharmaceutical rep. He loves seeing consumers get the best deals for their money. A suggested internet site which he uses is is: Pharmacy-online.ca - Online Pharmacies

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