California Attorneys and Politicians

California Attorneys and politicians are to blame for the energy crisis and blackouts and the ones, which will come this summer too. A simple study of finite capacity scheduling would have yielded the necessary tools for the CA state government to figure out what was actually feasible. They obviously did not understand the capacity of the power line and the amount of energy trading that would occur when deregulation took place. Obviously if someone is going to get a better deal on energy they are going to buy it somewhere else? You cannot energy futures when you do not have the power lines to move the energy to a different region, just like you cannot use the Ford factories excess capacity to make pharmaceuticals. Think of the problem; attorneys and politicians who are master manipulators of human emotion make policy on the deregulation of CA energy based on reports done by quote experts that were paid by government millions to do reports.

Of course, the reports may have been good or maybe not, but surely were only glanced at anyway by politicians who are not smart enough to understand or did not enough time to read, and may even conflict with the time necessary to campaign to get re-elected or sit down for lunch with those who finance their elections. Lots of people invested in Enron stock when CA was in an energy crisis, since they owned a lot of contracts. Their stock was inflated based on their future earnings that CA would never pay and later sue for. But was it really Enron's fault or was it just stupid, ignorant California Attorneys and Politicians, who screwed California. After all deregulation was California's idea in the first place to lower prices. Luckily Arnold has it right and he is putting together the department of energy for California to work with the DOE and get the crisis solved before peak season summer. Let's hope they get things ready before California has its next disaster.

You know it is funny it took the terminator to turn California upright, those brown nose politicians have been bending over so long, they forgot which way was up. Thanks Arnold, thanks for listening.

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