Conservation of Water in Big Cities

Water Conservation in larger cities is less of an issue publicly than in smaller cities, yet in reality it is more important in larger cities to conserve to allow smaller cities to exist. This is ironic, however truth because a small city that saves a lot is a mere drop in the bucket to the amount of water a big city can save when each person saves only a small amount, because those little amounts are multiplied by the masses into true water savings.

Cities like Phoenix and Las Vegas are really tough on water supplies and try to get people to conserve but if they hit level II droughts then it will scare the developers and kill the new housing starts. That growth is bringing in money to the city. In Las Vegas area, they cannot even build the schools or Post Offices fast enough. Las Vegas is now talking about discharging their waster water into the bottom of Lake Meade, even though there is already an algae bloom in the lake and that water supplies all of Southern CA and most all of AZ. Tucson is discharging their treated sewage water into the underground aquifers and then is going to filter it when it is brought back up for use.

A large city like LA, Atlanta or Denver can really save a lot of water thus allowing less need over court battles for water with the smaller upstream cities. Take Rio Rancho, Las Vegas and Santa Fe, New Mexico, if everyone in Albuquerque can save small amounts then all those smaller cities will have all the water they need. I do not know about you, but water issues are of a significant nature in this country as we continue into the summer months. Let us look at the conservations of Casper WY a city which citizens are asked to voluntarily cut back, meaning smaller populated areas upstream and down stream can have the water they need for crops, livestock and drinking. When the water tables go down and the river runs low and therefore pollution is a more significant factor due to the number of total dissolved solids per volume in the water of the river.

Won't you join me and conserve water. Water is life; Think about it.

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