Tax Attorney? You Might Need One; The City of Portland is Going After Small Businesses

The City of Portland is going after any small business, which does business in their city even if they are from another town or even in a neighboring state. The politicians said the city is losing 4 million in year in revenues? Maybe, but they do not deserve them anyway with an attitude like that. This is criminal for politicians to call small businesses tax cheats, when they lack the integrity to tell the truth themselves.

You know this is similar to the City of Los Angeles and their business license tax. The City of Los Angeles started hauling small businesses into court in the 1990's and soon had the citizens in an uproar. It is getting to be a little ridiculous, government has grown so large at every level they cannot support their own blob of bureaucracy. You cannot even find the place to go to fill out the form, the ticket for not having one is triple the fee, you have to wait in line to get one, cannot open your bank account for your business without one, so you cannot hire anyone, even pay for the license without a business checking account, first needing a fictitious name statement. Hell they make it impossible for the little guy with nothing to go forward. And this idiot, opinion, in Portland is calling those little tiny businesses "Tax Evaders", well I say he is a child molester. Let him prove is did not kick his dog.

This is absolutely criminal behavior, this gentleman should surrender his political position immediately and go to Iraq where unemployment is 68% and you do not know if you will die in a bomb blast for being in the middle of a civil war between two groups who claim to follow the same ideals? Well if you allow imbeciles (opinion-so you cannot sue me) like this politician to evade reality, then of course you will end up with higher unemployment, less innovation in garages and homes (Microsoft, Disney, Apple, Netsape, etc.) and less initiative to get back to work and your whole economy there, what is left of it after the all those lay offs will simply implode further.

If you people running Portland cannot balance your books, get with the program and stop giving away the bank, then maybe you should quit and start looking for a job, like the one your silly policies are threatening to destroy. Or if you cannot find a job like the 8-9% unemployed in your city and across the river in Vancouver, WA, then you can start your own Tax Evasion small business and fork over money to the City which does nothing for you and has no representation to tax you except that they believe businesses are evil and must pay? Then when you cannot produce anything or buy anything or create any jobs, you can ask the city to retrain you or to give you money, free transportation and a place to live once you are evicted. Then you can sport a Card Board House and a stolen shopping cart to the food lines and when it gets really cold, you can pick up a beer bottle and throw it at a police car so you can get free room and board for the weekend and maybe pick up Hepatitis. This way you have an excuse to get free medical too. Stupid, arrogant, grandstanding politicians, who needs em? Small businesses employ two-thirds of our population and they have to start some how.

It's time to show the politicians the door, not a revolving door, the door to hell. Think about it. Thanks for listening.

"Lance Winslow" - If you have innovative thoughts and unique perspectives, come think with Lance;

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