It Adds Up

Loose change that is, if you want a easy way to start saving a little extra money these 5 tips show you how to do just that.

One or all will fit your needs so there is no reason not to get started today. By the end of this article you could be on your way to saving for your next vacation or special gift you may have wanted.

Getting started or should I say keeping it up is the hardest part. But you can do it all it takes is a little dedication.

Tip 1

It should be no surprise that you should start with your loose change. You have heard that saving loose change quickly adds up, it really does.

Here's what you can do to start today, when you get home after a long days work. Find a jar or large container that will be used for loose change only. Empty you pockets, jackets, pocketbook, and car of all loose change.

Put it in the container or jar you have ready. This is your project, so tell no one this is the first step you should take to be sure it will work. Do this everyday single day, or at the end of the week if that is easier for you to maintain. I prefer to do it daily. After you fill your jar, forget about, that's right don't think about it anymore until its time to put your loose change in for the next day or end of the week.

Tip 2

If you see this is not working, its ok you can move up to one-dollar bills. Of course one-dollar bills will add up quickly. Use the same technique as above, at the end of the day or week take all the one dollar bills you have in your pocket and put them away.

If one-dollar bills, still is not to you liking no problem continue on to tip 3 for yet a better way of adding your savings up.

Tip 3

By now you should know where I am going next, you guessed it five-dollar bills. This one is the best, this will add up even faster. Instead of saving your loose change, or one-dollar bills, go with five-dollar bills. They will ad up five times faster then one-dollar bills. Or if you are able to do all three by all means give it a try, I wait till the end of the week to for this one that way I don't end up having to go to my can during the week for lunch money.

Tip 4

Enough is enough, this one can be added to what you decide to do or you could just replace this tip with one of the above already suggested. We all have to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner while at work everyday. So for those of you who eat out during these times, you should really reconsider. Bringing in lunch and dinner depending on when what shift you work can save you hundreds alone everyone month.

If you work during the day, you could eat breakfast at home; bring lunch, and have dinner when you get home. Depending on your schedule of course. This can be done for any shift during the day as well. You can make the necessary adjustments according to your needs. The money you would spent on breakfast, lunch or dinner can now be saved; or you can use it to be buy groceries to start your brown bagging it project.

Tip 5

Last but not least, this tip has been around for years many of us don't practice it as much as we should. Take the advice of Financial Planners and save between 10-15% of your check. Everyone has heard the saying, pay yourself first. If you can do this in place of one of the above tips you will be well ahead of many.

If you go with this option the one thing you must do for this to really work is to have your bank deposit the money into a saving account automatically; now this means you can't touch it either that the purpose of setting it up for automatic deposits. If you have direct deposit check with your bank to see if they can deposit 10-15% of your payroll check to a saving account. This way it's done for you, without having to do anything more then filling out the form to start the process.

None of these tips are new, nor are they some special formula to make sure you continue to practice them. It does take dedication, determination and a will to want to save for something you want. The top three are easy and should not really make too much of a difference in your daily routine.

Push come to shove you could use the extra you save for the house, family night or just to get you over till your next payday. Make no mistake I do all of the above except the last one, which I must say I am working on, I use the extra I save for the house so that I have to run to the bank when I need cash right away.

Michelle Cobbs is the site administrator for several sites. She has recently started writing articles as a way to build content for her site you can visit here online at

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