My Entrepreneurial Fire-I Grabbed My First Million Before I Got Too Old

My First Million took me exactly 27 months to achieve. I remember the day I made the resolution with self respect. It was a brave choice and required some faith. But looking back, faith had little to do with it. You see, I knew some things that I didnt know before after reading a book. The book made so much sense to me and was clear infact that it passed on Vision to me.

I could literally SEE how it was going to happen. I could estimate what resources I currently had available and what resources I'd require to manufacture the results I needed to achieve my goal. It was due to the concepts in this book that when I applied them to my own circumstances, everything had little choice but to fall into place for me.

I don't mean to say things fell into my lap, it's just that with this new "understanding" luck or chance played no part from then on.

Not having the benefit of the knowledge, that I was to actually achieve my goal so quickly, I began very tentatively despite my Vision.

I started (officially) with just $100

Thats it. As much as I believed in what I was about to do, I couldn't justify risking much more money. Believe me, I am a very conservative person and the very real issues of bills and keeping a safe dry roof over my family was much more important. Vision or not, I had the reality of my current life to contend with, so that initial seed capital account of $100 went a VERY long way.

The scope of this article is too short to give you the outline of the book I read, but one of the many things the Author Hayden Muller talked about that really lit up my mind to the potential of his method was "intrinsic value"

He opened me to the reality that everything (All investment objects) have an actual dollar value, an intrinsic value that can't be denied at a specific point in time. That being the case, if you become aware of a prospective "investment objects intrinsic value" you can control your profit margins on those transactions.

For example, if you new that this "investment object" was worth without doubt $1000 however it was being sold for $700 you would then aquire vision and see profits where others can not. To put it another way, you will attempt to buy excess "intrinsic value" on a systematic basis. If somebody was selling legal tender $1 bills for 70 cents how many would you buy? It doesnt take a genius to figure out that would be a good deal right?

Well excess intrinsic value is everywhere. Its this particular concept that struck home with me and really was responsible for my inevitable interest in Haydens work and finally executing his method.

Of course thats not all there is to it. Its a small part of a holistic approach that I personally believe all "High Net Worth Individuals" utilize to grow their asset base.

I moved very quickly into real estate and that is what produced most of the results, but stubbornly starting with just $100 it took a good 6 months to get to the point where I had entry and exit capital for real estate deals. Its a shame I didn't know about the book I review on the site, back then. But I use the method now so all is not lost. (If you want to know how to buy and sell property with no money at all and no credit at all, go to my sitelink below and find the article called "Part 2 what to invest in" on the site)

I can tell you if you really want it, you may just step up and take it. $1 million dollars is not a hec of a lot of money, but its a nice start.

The method has been coined as "Opportunity Investment" and it is possible for any one to use in any part of the world. Its like nothing I have ever seen before or since.

A Group of us have invested in an online resource for people wishing to discover more, I've left a link below if you are interested.

Martin Thomas is a professional investor and CEO of Opportunity (Yes, Haydens book is available there)

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