WARNING: The Biggest Lie About Social Security

Like I said, If you are poor and on social security do not, and I repeat do not read this article.

Why? Cause I am going to blast the recent article that was in USATODAY on August 16, 2005.

The one that read "Millions of Americans get by on Social Security alone".

Stand back... I warned you.

Here goes...

What the hell are you people thinking. And by 'you people' I mean you poor dumb ass non success driven, slacker, good for cat food people.


What comes out of your mouth will now be an excuse...Plain and simple. Because I was a homemaker or a farmer, or I didn't work much, or I was this or I was that.

10.6 million Americans live on Social Security alone. It makes me sick. The U.S. is the land of opportunity and some people can't even feed themselves.


If we were still living in the trees in Africa and hadn't evolved yet, your ass would have starved off a long time ago.

Only the strong survive.

Now that can be strong willed, strong minded, or any sort of strength where you aren't going to allow yourself to eat cat food.

Here's part of the article I laugh at:

"For some of the elderly, just admitting they need the help is tough. They are proud people, says Hulsey. They want to live independently for as long as possible....One reason they hold on: They don't want to have to depend on Medicaid, the governments health program. If they get Medicaid, they can't have much else. Johnson says that in Oregon, if you go on Medicaid, the state can get reimbursed by your estate when you die, leaving your heirs with little.People want to leave an estate when they pass on, Johnson says. They hold on to the deseperate last."

Okay...now 99/100 when you die and you're only living on Social Security, you don't have an estate. Your heir's will get stuck with the bill.

Now I am done ranting.

While it may be too late for those 10.6 million Americans who live on Social Security, it's not too late for some of us. I urge everyone to read about building wealth and then take action to do it. I don't want to read in the newspapers about you too.

Social Security should be used to pay for your green fees.

Yours for success

Owen Stobbe

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