Stimulate Your Sensebuds...and Wave Goodbye To Writers Cramp!

When you get stuck for ideas, and the words won't flow, invariably it's because one, more or all of your senses aren't being stimulated.

Staring at a blank screen or sheet of paper really doesn't help. The best way to stimulate all your senses in one hit is to provide an inspirational space you can work with.

Lots of Feng Shui arrangements appear in western homes these days, and they're great, but outside those four walls of your writing space, there is another world bursting with enlightenment and inspiration.

Of course you may have to work at it a little, but hey, we all need some exercise sometimes!

Whether you have a balcony or a backyard, you can very simply build a natural living world to plunge into whenever you choose. If you have neither, consider renting a small patch of land or sharing a garden with someone.

Gardening conjures up all sorts of hard work images; tools, backache, blisters etc;. but it's only as hard as you make it. Start small and design your garden on paper first. Decide where you want herbs, flowers - and even vegetables, if you have the space and inclination!

A tiny balcony or back yard can be bordered with herbs and flowers. If you're staring at several square metres of concrete, don't despair. Plant your sensory stimulators in pots. Paint the pots different colours if you like.

Choose strong smelling, long lasting flowers, such as wallflowers ( Cheiranthus ). They will grow in some shade and do well against walls, fences and hedgerows. Climbing roses will only need a few hooks screwed into the fence, and they will happily cover your fence in blooms. Both these flowers are colourful, smell beautiful and are velvet to the touch.

Many herbs will grow in pots. Grow chives for something to nibble as you wander round the garden. Mint varieties are many , from spearmint through to the newer varieties such as pineapple or melon mint . Try them! They really do smell of pineapple and melon.

Some herbs are perennial and, once established, will need very little care. But remember to pick them to encourage growth.

The acoustics in your outside space will change dramatically when you have flowers growing. Those bees and bugs won't be able to resist.

Rub the leaves of your mint plants or other herbs and fill the air with the scent.

Now relax in a chair, listen to the humming of the insects and nibble on your chives. Within ten minutes you'll either be dozing and gaining some well needed rest, or you'll be running back to your keyboard with more words in your head than ever before!

About The Author

Linda Gray is a freelance writer and, with her partner, has spent ten years renovating an acre of neglected woodland. Drop in at for pots of gardening inspiration!

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