Writers Helping Writers - A Noble Legacy

It is satisfying to be a part of such a noble tradition and to know that as a whole, writers are still inclined to lend a hand and encourage others in their craft. I think it is an inherent trait in the writer's soul, to be so generous. And in our time the Internet has allowed these efforts to be more obvious, has provided more opportunities for this warm tradition to be observed on a global scale.

The writers of old paved a literary path that we now enjoy. They could not have foreseen the legacy they left for us. I'd be willing to bet that even in this digital age where heart is so often replaced by a bottom line and spirit is starved by the electronic equipment we depend on so heavily, they would be proud to see that the spirit and nobility of the tradition of writing has survived and flourished.

As a writer who has been "in the ranks" for over 15 years, I toast all the hard work, dedication and tradition of all the writers I've known and have yet to meet. My hat is off to you all, and I wish you all prosperity, fame and most important of all, happiness in your work!

Cherie' Davidson is a freelance writer and Web content developer who lives in the Pacific Northwest with her toy poodle, Auggie Dog, her "energy muse." During her "day job" she runs her own freelance writing business, Suitable Words Publications (http://www.suitablewords.com), where she writes and promotes Website content, designs and develops e-books, hires out as a copywriter and writes a wide variety of articles and essays. She has finally caved in and started a blog for helpful and humorous comments and articles for and about writing. You are invited to visit her blog at http://suitablewords.blogspot.com or drop her a note at cherie@suitablewords.com

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